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ATTENTION PROPERTY OWNERS – criminals are looking to nick your stuff, sorry but its true, We have all seen the dodgy looking van driving about with “workmen” in, peeking over hedges, some are brazen and some are discrete and some dare i say it even clever! Don’t be their next victim. The good news is there is lots you can do to protect your home and business, some of which you are already doing no doubt. Things such as Anti snap locks , Padlocks for the shed,motorcycle and bike locks, CCTV, All of these things are great home and business security products but here we are going to look at some of the things which often get overlooked such as….

Setting up a local neighbourhood watch scheme. Not many people know that besides the tried and tested neighbourhood watch schemes you can also set one up in your local business community. Take a look at the neighbourhood watch website here

Lighting. Dusk till dawn timers are great and flood lights with motion detectors too. Not only do they light up the area and deter potential intruders they can give any cctv that is installed a clearer picture of the area as well. Be sure to look at secured by design and police recommended products and put them high enough up so the would be thief can’t damage them.

Doors&Windows. Its really good to fit the 5 lever deadlock or the window Sash Jammer but if your door or window is old, sub standard or just plain poor quality the quality product you installed won’t be much good. Make sure if replacing these make sure they conform to British standard PAS24:2016.

It’s the future…………

There are loads of new hi tech products out there, some like the Smart home system by YALE ( which has a number of different products that can be controlled from wherever you are in the world. Imagine being able to turn the lights on and off if you’re late back from work when its getting dark or being able to unlock the door for a relative who has called when you are out, cool hey! My personal favourite is the app controlled CCTV where you can view the live feed from anywhere Via the smartphone. There are loads of Quality brands that manufacture these like Yale,Abus,Era but my favourite is the Asec smart Camera. I found it so easy to install and use and you can have multiple cameras around the property attached to the same account and best of all there are no ongoing monthly fees.

If you want to check it out please have a look at the video on my facebook page of one i installed and set up.

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